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Magic Retouch Pro is a very intuitive application which will allow you to perform the retouching process quickly as it allows you to use the sliders in place of actions. Magic Retouch Pro has got a wide variety of features which includes Skin Retouching, Eye Color Change, Eye Shade, Natural Lips Color Boost. Eye Enhancer, Lip Stick, Lip Gloss, Hair Color Change, Teeth Whitener, Blush On and many more. It has also been equipped with 4 different skin effects which includes Tan Skin, Gritty Skin, Candy Skin and High Key Skin effects. It can be use in the plug-in panel mode and the panel can be positioned anywhere you like and can easily be docked. Magic Retouch Pro has got a very comprehensive help in the form of PDF User Guide and the video tutorials. All in all Magic Retouch Pro is an imposing plugin for Adobe Photoshop which can be used for photo retouching.